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3rd November (GMT)


To kick things off, we have our renowned opening session, Postal Perspectives, where leaders in the Last Mile will come together for an all-encompassing overview of the delivery industry. We’ll be looking at the urban logistics landscape in inner cities, and how innovations can develop the postal industry.
Chair: John Acton | Founder & Managing Partner | DPI Europe

10.10 // Shaping the Future of Urban Logistics Landscape in Singapore
NEO Su Yin | Head, Domestic Post & Parcel Business | SingPost

10.30 // Innovations and Creativity Helps to Move Further!
Roberts Purnis | Head of International Relations | Latvijas Pasts

10.50 // Our Way to Climate-Neutral Parcel Delivery
Thomas Baldry | SVP PM Import & International Relations | Deutsche Post DHL Group

11.10 // Live Q&A

12.00 Climate Action Through Partnership Initiatives

An issue on everyone’s minds, climate change and the action needed to combat it, is of vital importance to the delivery industry. In this session we hear from speakers who are at the forefront of this change, and they will provide us with some much-needed insight into the developments the industry is taking.
Chair: Ian Kerr | Founder | The Postal Hub

12.10 // ctt: Committed to Deliver
Nuno Gil Vieira | Sustainability Speciailist | CTT
12.30 // DPD Driving Change: Delivering Clean Air in Ireland
James Atkinson | Sustainability Programme Manager | DPD
12.50 // Ecozone: A Model for Emission Free City Logistics
Johan Peeters | Innovation Manager Sustainable City Logistics | bpost

13.10 // Live Q&A

14.00 E-Commerce: Trends and Insights Impacting the Last Mile

The recent and sudden shift towards online shopping, especially during the pandemic, means the last-mile is left playing catch up. We’ll hear how new delivery options are being implemented to complement the new normal, and how to combat the challenges made by evolving customer demands.
Chair: Kati Packalén | Head of Brand Experience | PostNord

14.10 // E-Commerce: Trends and Insights Impacting the Last Mile
Anil Gautam | MD, Malaysia | DHL eCommerce

14.30 // A Choice of Dynamic End-Points to Support Our Flexible Lifestyles
Peter S W Hesslin | Head of eCommerce | PostNord Sweden

14.50 // Global Consumer Expectations: Shifting Perspectives for Delivery & Returns
Rick Hernandez | VP, Commercial Innovation | Pitney Bowes

15.10 // Live Q&A

4th November (GMT)

10.00 Exceeding Cross Border Expectations and Embracing Opportunities

Cross-border logistics is critical to post and parcel businesses but doesn’t come without its obstacles. Knowing how to harness the different rules and regulations is key. In this session we’ll hear from a number of perspectives, from how to use data to our advantage, to the issues faced with cross-border e-commerce logistics in Asia.
Chair: Kati Packalén | Head of Brand Experience | PostNord

10.10 // Harnessing the Power of Data to Achieve Scale in Cross-Border eCommerce
Martyn Noble | CEO | Hurricane Commerce

10.30 // The New Era of Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics in China and Asia Pacific
Eddie Lee | GM of North Asia | SingPost/Quantium Solutions

10.50 // The E-Commerce Journey Has Only Just Started. What Comes Next?
Nitin Navneet | MD Marketing – Product, Solutions and E-Commerce, AMEA | FedEx Express

11.10 // Live Q&A

12.00 Automation and Digitilisation

In a time when in-person interactions are minimised, and the way people work is changing, automation and digitilisation is of the upmost importance to keep businesses running with limited interruptions. Our speakers will be sharing their adaptions and solutions to the new world we currently live in..
Chair: Cathy Morrow Roberson | Founder & President | Logistics Trends & Insights

12.10 // TBC
Clare Bottle | CEO | UKWA
12.30 // The Future of Urban Logistics – Using Drones for On-Demand Deliveries
Yariv Bash | CEO | Flytrex
12.50 // AI Solutions for Parcels, Returns & Letters
Hugh Craigie Halkett | Managing Director & Founder | Stamp Free

13.10 // Live Q&A

14.00 Leading By Example Through Sustainability

It has been a challenging and difficult year for everyone, especially for the logistics industry. Despite this, industry leaders still have sustainability programmes at the forefront of their minds. We’re lucky to hear from some experts in the industry, who will share their insights and knowledge on how to make sustainability a top priority.
Chair: Cathy Morrow Roberson | Founder & President | Logistics Trends & Insights

14.10 // Dynamic Tour Planning – Superior. Efficient. Sustainable
Dr. Clemens Beckmann | CEO Greenplan GmbH | Deutsche Post DHL Group

14.30 // Cut the Carbon: How to Utilise the Return Journey to Reduce Your Carbon Impact
Emily Cotterill | Head of Sustainability | ReBOUND Returns

14.50 // Beyond CSR, Sustainability, a Management Paradigm Shift
Raji Hattar | Chief Sustainability and Compliance Officer | Aramex

15.10 // Live Q&A

16.00 Best of Post&Parcel Live!

If you missed our events earlier in the year, tune in to check out some of our favourite presentations from the past 17 months of virtual events.

16.02 // The Importance of Staying Committed to a More Sustainable Future for Last Mile
Angela Hultberg | Head of Sustainable Mobility | INGKA Group

16.15 // Theft in the Last Mile: Responding to and Preventing Package Theft
Ben Stickle | Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Administration | Middle Tennessee State University

16.38 // Beyond Vaccine Distribution
Michael Culme-Seymour | Consultant | World Health Organization

16.45 // Reimagining the Global Supply Chain for Vaccine Distribution at -80 Degrees
Michael Kiely | President US Government Affairs | UPS

16.57 // CROSS BORDER, Transparency, Accuracy, Efficiency
Peter Somers | CEO | Emirates Post

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